Kirchmoeser- One of Brandenburg's best-kept
    secrets for nature-lovers and adventurers alike

    Kirchmoeser in a changing society
    Advantageously situated on the Oder-Elbe Havelkanal waterway and the Berlin-Magdeburg train route, Kirchmoeser has always offered an ideal balance of work and play, all in one place.

    The tastefully-restored heritage factory buildings are made of red brick, a defining element of most buildings found in the Mark-Brandenburg region, and the historically-designated row houses are built in the style of a garden city. They are a testament to Kirchmoeser's once important role as the main railway manufacturer in Germany. These architecturally-significant buildings also show how actively involved Kirchmoeser was in the developing industrial age.

    Our villa on the Wendsee in Kirchmoeser
    Its ideal location in the midst of 470 acres of nature reserve, along with 18 kilometres of protected shoreline, gives Kirchmoeser the intimate feel of a small town. Our lakeside villa is one of nine that were originally built in 1917 as residences for the factory directors. In 2004, we left Berlin in order to undertake the extensive restoration of what was to become our new home. A true labour of love, the restoration project was completed in 2007. We take great pleasure in living in such enchanting surroundings and invite you to share in our little piece of paradise.

    An ideal holiday destination for all seasons
    Winter has its own special attractions. Skate across the frozen lake or enjoy the crisp winter air on a stroll through the fresh snow. Then, come in to the inviting warmth of the wood-burning fire place. Spring offers up bicycle tours through the endless yellow canola fields and mouth-watering dishes prepared from locally-grown asparagus. In the summer months, we invite you to pick peaches, pears and plums in our fruit orchard and savour their delicious flavour, and also to explore the waterways by boat. In autumn, the beautiful landscape is bathed in warm light which entices you to take leisurely walks along its many lakeshore paths, or to travel the winding roads by bicycle. As an additional attraction, Berlin with its rich diversity of cultural activities, welcomes visitors year-round.


    ... our goal is to make your stay unforgettable


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